Pictures [Concrete, Metal and Plastic Vaults, Graveliner]

We also have pictures  metal vaults as well as grave liners below:


Burial vaults are an accepted means of enclosing the casketed remains of a loved one within a grave. The purpose of a burial vault is to maintain the grave from the effects of settling and outside forces of water or excess weight.  We offer Burial Vaults manufactured of strong, reinforced concrete.   These two units show the placement of a name plate and a wreath, one of the common options for personalization of a burial vault.

Examples of Metal Burial Vaults:

Copper 12 Gauge

Stainless Steel 12 Gauge

Galvanized Steel 7 Gauge
MPI 12

Galvanized Steel 10 Gauge

Galvanized Steel 12 Gauge

Aluminum 1/8″
MPI 10

Steel 10 Gauge

Steel 12 Gauge
A picture of several plastic burial vaults follows, [these are not available in all areas]:
Our Premium Burial Vaults:  These burial vaults are made with Polyethylene in a patented seamless double wall design. The burial vault is infused with Polyethylene Structural Foam to Provide ultimate strength and durability for

Triple Premium Protection. A butyl seal is included in many burial vaults.

Burial VaultOutside Dimensions
(L)90.5”x(W)34.5”x(H)33.25”Inside Dimensions
Sandstone, Blue, Grey, White or Rose of Sharon
Burial Vault With Carapace Sizes are the same as above Colors of Carapaces Black, White, Stainless, Copper(Vinyl cut lettering of decedent’s name and date of death will be included in price. Any additional lettering or art work will be priced separately)
A picture of a concrete grave liner follows:
[These are often the minimal requirement in most urban cemeteries in the USA].
Concrete grave liner:     
Our least expensive unit in most cases. (We have contacts nationwide, so there is no need to worry about shipping fees for this unit) This is the same basic unit that is a government issue for Veterans at U.S. cemeteries. (2 pc. Imbedded steel reinforcing throughout concrete, ~2,600 lbs. & 1 1/4″ thick-walled concrete base.)  Ours start at $200 over wholesale cost.  Exact styles my vary from area to area.    Many top line vaults look exactly the same except they have a  coated in asphalt along the edge where the base and the lid come together.
We  carry Urn Grave Vaults and Urn Grave Liners, as well as oversize liners and vaults.  We also carry infant burial vaults.  Please call for a quote.  We are as close as your phone.
Phone:  281-377-8300                         Toll Free:  855-596-8250
                Emergencies any time:  832-603-3980   [cell]
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